EXCLUSIVE: Your Diamond Select BATMAN ’66 Update

A HOLIDAY HOT PICKS SPECIAL: Wanna know when the Shakespeare bust is coming? The Batman statue? The Batphone? We’ve got the scoop for your ordering needs.


I don’t know about you, but in my family, sometimes we give each other pieces of paper for holidays and birthdays. That’s because sometimes what you really, really want isn’t available yet. Soon, but not yet. So we’ll give each other a picture of what’s coming.

It’s sort of like show tickets or sports tickets — or even Kenner’s famous Star Wars “early bird” certificates for the 1977 holiday season. Every other kid in America wanted those first action figures but the manufacturer was caught so flatfooted by the movie’s popularity that it had to basically sell IOUs. Want Luke and R2-D2? That’s fine. Buy this box with the certificate inside and you can redeem it later.

Somebody is selling this on eBay for $3,750.

Somebody is selling this on eBay for $3,750.

Now, of course, we have local comics shops, where you can pretty much preorder anything that Diamond carries — like its Diamond Select Toys merchandise. (Yes, you can pre-order on the internet too but what’s the fun in that? Support your local shop! Click here for the why.)

Anyway, this is all a pretty longwinded way of saying that there’s a whole bunch of fresh Batman ’66 items coming out soon — just not in time for the holidays.

With that in mind, here’s an updated schedule from Diamond Select itself. It’s subject to change, naturally, but this way you know what to plan for in case you wanted to give (or get!) one of these items for Christmas, Chanukah or any other holiday you may celebrate:

Batman statue: (UPDATED: Out now. Click here for the review.)


Shakespeare bust: Spring (For more info on the bust, click here.)


Joker statue: Spring (For more info on the statue, click here.)


King Tut bust: Spring (For more info on the bust, click here.)


Mad Hatter bust: Spring (For more info on the bust, click here.)


Eartha Kitt Catwoman bust: Summer (For more info on the bust, click here.)


Batphone: Summer (For more info on the Batphone, click here.)


For tons more on Diamond’s Batman ’66 line, click here.

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Author: Dan Greenfield

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