J.J. SEDELMAIER’s Mighty Collection of AVENGERS Comics

The animation maven has a collection for the ages.

I’m pretty proud of my comics collection, with complete New Look Batman and Detective runs, not to mention a substantial Bronze Age and modern-comic trove (with some Golden Age thrown in for good measure). Even beyond the boundaries of Gotham, I have tons of characters and milestones covered.

But other than in a series of hardcover collections, I’ll never have, say, the first 68 issues of the original Batman series. I wasn’t there when they came out and I don’t foresee ever being able to afford each one of them now.

In all likelihood, I will never own an original one of these.

In all likelihood, I will never own an original one of these.

So I gotta admire animator J.J. Sedelmaier‘s Avengers collection. He recently wrote a piece for Print Magazine about his run of Avengers #1-68 (plus some other niceties). It offers the kind of fannish insight that people like you and me love to read. Oh, and there are scans of all of the covers, taken from his personal collection.

I meant to write about this a few weeks ago, but schedules don’t always behave. Nevertheless, by all means read the story.

And here’s but a small taste of what you’ll find:








Go check out the rest here — even bigger! You will dig it, True Believer.



Author: Dan Greenfield

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