An anniversary celebration of the world’s greatest (or at least most entertaining) superteam…

Avengers, Justice League, X-Men, Fantastic Four — all great, no question.

But for my money, the greatest superhero team of all time is the Teen Titans. And by that I mean the classic Silver/Bronze line-up, the late ’70s reboot and — most of all — Marv Wolfman and George Perez’s The New Teen Titans of the ’80s.

So with that in mind, we bring you TEEN TITANS WEEK — a salute to Robin, Wonder Girl, Kid Flash, Starfire, Aqualad, Cyborg and the rest.

See, Aug. 14 happens to be the 40th anniversary of The New Teen Titans #1. And 2020 happens to be the 55th anniversary of the name Teen Titans. (The proto-Titans debuted in 1964’s Brave and the Bold #54 as a Kid Flash, Aqualad and Robin team-up. The name Teen Titans was coined a year later in Brave and the Bold #60, when Wonder Girl joined them.)

Bruno Premiani

Now, we could have done this last month on the 40th anniversary of the New Teen Titans’ preview debut in DC Comics Presents #26, but this just seemed more appropriate — and so here we are.

So what do you have to look forward to? Well, how about a piece by Marv Wolfman about the enduring popularity of the Titans? Or a ranking of the Titans’ greatest stories, covers and action figures? You’ll get all that and more.

DC Comics Presents #26. George Perez pencils, Dick Giordano inks.

So bookmark this post because all week, we’ll be adding links as we go.

By the way, we’re so excited about this, we’ve got two — count’ em, two — celebratory banners, both by my son Sam. Each has different symbolism for you to suss out and you’ll be seeing both all week long.



— Why the TEEN TITANS Have Endured for Decades, by MARV WOLFMAN. Click here.

— The TOP 13 TEEN TITANS Stories — RANKED. Click here.

— The TOP 13 TEEN TITANS Covers — RANKED. Click here.

— The TOP 13 TEEN TITANS Costume Designs — RANKED. Click here.

— The TOP 13 TEEN TITANS Action Figures — RANKED. Click here.

— 13 QUICK THOUGHTS on FILMATION’s Ginchy TEEN TITANS Cartoons. Click here.

— SNEAK PEEK: Get Ready for a Treasure Trove of NEW TEEN TITANS Awesomeness. Click here.

— How THE NEW TEEN TITANS Auditioned New Members. Click here.

— BONUS: GEORGE PEREZ — This Issue Was THE NEW TEEN TITANS’ Turning Point. Click here.

Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. I have never seen that Brave and the Bold cover! Man, Robin sure ate his Wheaties!

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    • I’ve always been partial to the Dick Giordano edited issues of 1969-1970ish. So check out the Dimension X storyline that Neal Adams illustrated (TT 20, 21, 22), Kanigher’s “The Titans Kill a Saint?” and its aftermath, including the introductions of Lilith, Mal & Mr. Jupiter (TT 25-27) and the Ocean Master 2-parter featuring the short-lived return of Aqualad (TT 28 & 29)

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