How THE NEW TEEN TITANS Auditioned New Members

TEEN TITANS WEEK: Cartoonist Karl Heitmueller Jr. finally reveals the secret story…

Welcome to TEEN TITANS WEEK — an anniversary celebration of comics’ greatest (or at least most entertaining) superteam. The term Teen Titans was coined 55 years ago this year and The New Teen Titans #1 debuted 40 years ago Aug. 14. So all week long here at 13th Dimension, we’ll be featuring a variety of tributes to Robin, Wonder Girl, Speedy, Cyborg, Starfire and all the rest. For the complete index of columns and features, click here.

DC Comics Presents #26. George Perez pencils, Dick Giordano inks.

Ever wonder how they decided who would be in the New Teen Titans? You probably believe the old story that Marv Wolfman and George Perez put them together.

But you’d be wrong! (Wink, wink!)

Now, for the first time anywhere, we can reveal the Titans’ behind-the-scenes auditions — as related by satirist Karl Heitmueller Jr. in this EXCLUSIVE EXCERPT from September’s Back Issue #122, the mag’s 40th anniversary tribute to the storied superteam.

Dig this:

Hornblower! Love those duds!

Anyway, if you’ve been digging what we’ve been offering for TEEN TITANS WEEK, then you most certainly have to get your hands on Back Issue #122, which is jam-packed with features celebrating the greatest version of the world’s most entertaining superteam.

The issue was originally slated to be out by now but the pandemic delayed it until Sept. 16. It will be available in comics shops or you can pre-order it now, directly from publisher TwoMorrows. (Click here.)

Oh, and we’ll have another SNEAK PEEK at the issue later this week!



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Author: Dan Greenfield

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