Celebrating 80 years of oath-swearin’ and ring-slingin’…

On May 17, 1940, All-American Comics #16 was released and the world of comics was changed forever.

The issue, with a cover by Sheldon Moldoff, featured a garishly costumed new superhero created by Martin Nodell — Green Lantern, bedecked in the improbable color combination of red, green, yellow and purple.

But at the core of the hero — real name: Alan Scott — was a green ring that could do wondrous things, spawning a litany of adventures that ran until the demise of the Golden Age.

But that emerald light was rekindled in 1959 with the introduction of a completely new Green Lantern — Hal Jordan — who was part of a gigantic space-faring crew of ring-slingers: the Green Lantern Corps. (And before you knew it, Alan Scott was back in action, as well.)

Well, with the Green Lantern concept now 80 years old, we bring you GREEN LANTERN WEEK — a celebration that includes contributions not just from respected historians and columnists, but creators long associated with GL, such as Neal Adams and Ron Marz.

Gil Kane

And don’t forget: DC has a special Green Lantern 80th Anniversary 100-Page Super Spectacular planned, as well. It was originally scheduled for this week but has been delayed until June because of the comics industry’s upheaval.

Nevertheless, an anniversary is an anniversary, and so we’re honoring Alan, Hal, Guy, John, Kyle and the rest, all week long. We’ll be adding links as we go, so make sure you keep coming back to this post at 13th Dimension — part of Space Sector 2814.


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Author: Dan Greenfield

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