It’s 4/20! Here are 13 Great Hits From REEFER MADNESS

High times with Craig Yoe and Dark Horse…

If you can read this, you’re too sober.

That’s OK. We’ve got the perfect thing to take you one toke over the line on this merry 4/20: 13 Great Splash Pages From REEFER MADNESS — the irreverent history of demon weed in comics by (who else?) Craig Yoe.

The 200-page paperback, which lists for $19.99, is published by Dark Horse and is now available. It features not just a terrific, in-depth intro by Yoe and fellow historian Steven Thompson, but also a whole dime bag full of out-of-their-heads stories from the likes of Jack Kirby, Frank Frazetta, Jerry Robinson, Ross Andru and Mort Meskin.

And these weren’t just culled from the wonderfully schlocky true-crime and romance comics of the day either — classic strips and features like Kerry Drake, Abbie an’ Slats and Doll Man are represented too.

So roll up for this magical mystery tour and dig these wild images that’ll give you just a taste, man, of REEFER MADNESS:





Author: Dan Greenfield

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