An EXCLUSIVE SNEAK PEEK at a Watchmen offshoot out of print for years…

All art by the great Dave Gibbons, Watchmen’s co-creator, natch.

The new Watchmen Companion is out Dec. 18 and it features a collection of rad rarities.

The main thrust of the book is the inclusion of the long-out-of-print Mayfair Games Watchmen role-playing modules — and in Part 1 of this EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW, we presented game designer Ray Winninger’s explanation of how Alan Moore himself helped create the game. (Click here to check it out. It’s a must read.)

Also included in the 200-page hardcover are pages from Who’s Who in The DC Universe featuring the Watchmen and Minutemen characters; The Question #17 — guest-starring Rorschach; and a page from DC Spotlight #1 that marked the very first appearance of the Watchmen cast in print. (Click here for more details. You’ll want to.)

But if you’ve never seen the RPG itself — or if you haven’t in a very long time, we have an EXCLUSIVE selection of pages culled straight from the book that give you a healthy taste of what the game is like.

Dig it.

DC’s Watchmen Companion is a 200-page hardcover that lists for $39.99. It will be available in comics shops Dec. 18 and at booksellers later in the month.


— EXCLUSIVE: How ALAN MOORE Helped Create the WATCHMEN Role-Playing Game. Click here.

— The WATCHMEN Page That Gibbons and Moore Gave to Neil Gaiman. Click here.

Author: Dan Greenfield

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