EXCLUSIVE: How ALAN MOORE Helped Create the WATCHMEN Role-Playing Game

An INSIDE LOOK at DC’s upcoming Watchmen Companion…

HBO’s Watchmen is the best show on television right now and its season finale is Sunday night.

If you haven’t been watching because of a belief that the original text by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons is sacrosanct, you’re only cutting off your nose to spite your face. You are, simply, losing out.

Besides, a lot of fans completely forget (or choose to) that Moore himself was at one time more than eager to expand upon the world he created with Gibbons, one of comics’ finest artists and gentlemen.

And, now, after decades out of print, you get to dive into that world with the Watchmen Companion, which will be published Dec. 18, just in time for Chanukah, Christmas or whatever holiday you celebrate.

The core of the 200-page volume republishes the sourcebooks of the Mayfair Games RPGs that have long been out of print — material that Moore himself was intergral in creating.

(The $39.99 hardcover also collects pages from Who’s Who in The DC Universe featuring the Watchmen and Minutemen characters; The Question #17 — guest-starring Rorschach; and a page from DC Spotlight #1 that marked the very first appearance of the Watchmen cast in print. Click here for more details.)

Well, as a 13th Dimension EXCLUSIVE — we can present to you game designer Ray Winninger’s introduction to the edition, which lays out in personal detail just how much Moore had to do with the RPG project. In Part 2 of this EXCLUSIVE SNEAK PEEK, you can gawk at some of the rare game pages themselves. (Click here.)

Then, in the evening, settle in for Watchmen at 9 p.m. Because all of this is damn well worth your time.

DC’s Watchmen Companion is a 200-page hardcover that lists for $39.99. It will be available in comics shops Dec. 18 and at booksellers later in the month.


— INSIDE LOOK at the WATCHMEN COMPANION Game Pages. Click here.

— The WATCHMEN Page That Gibbons and Moore Gave to Neil Gaiman. Click here.

Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. Moore’s idea of a role playing game based on actual reality sounds suspiciously like the “Papers and Paychecks” cartoon in one of the early Advanced Dungeons and Dragons Dungeon Master resource books. The gag is that wizards and warriors pretend they are workers and students in an industrialised and technological society.

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