How JACK KIRBY Was Comics’ Version of STEVE JOBS — Or Vice Versa

Jack Kirby Collector editor/publisher John Morrow compares how two geniuses tested their ideas…

Jack Kirby Collector #81 is due out Dec. 8 and TwoMorrows’ latest issue takes an interesting point of view on the King’s genius: the notion of beta-testing.

The issue is jammed with examples of how Kirby developed his ideas but for our usual EXCLUSIVE EXCERPT, we present editor/publisher John Morrow’s opening column, in which he compares the career arcs of Jack Kirby and Steve Jobs — a connection that may not immediately come to mind but is quite fitting in retrospect.

Check it out:

Jack Kirby Collector #81 is due Dec. 8. It will be available through comics shops and magazine sellers but you can also order it directly through TwoMorrows. Click here.


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Author: Dan Greenfield

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