HOT PICKS Gift Guide #8: Thanos!!!

Court death with this piece of plastic cosmic omnipotence …

Marvel Select Thanos Action Figure


Dimitrios Fragiskatos of Midtown Comics in NYC picks: Marvel Select: Thanos Action Figure, Diamond Select Toys. I always recommend to people who are shopping for comic fans: DON’T BUY THEM ANY COMICS OR GRAPHIC NOVELS. The reason being, if they are a collector like me and most people I know, they already own what they like, and there’s nothing you can get in that department. Instead try to get them things related to comics that they wouldn’t normally buy. Case in point: You are shopping for your uncle. He’s very dear to you and you want to get him something special. You know he likes someone named Thanos, he enjoyed the Avengers movie and he has a bunch of comics. You find out from a clerk, that this store has Logan’s Run #6, the first solo Thanos story. He’s charging $100 bucks and you’re able to talk him down to $80. Your uncle opens his gift as you explain to him that you got a good deal for it and throw in key phrases like “near-mint” and then see the disappointment in his eyes. Why is he disappointed? Because he owns it already, and he bought it for 75 cents. It doesn’t matter how much it’s worth  now, in his eyes you overpaid. Now get him a Thanos action figure from Marvel Select, and he’s amazed by it. He didn’t collect the toys before, but the detail is fantastic and it can stand on a base so that it poses like a statue. He wouldn’t be caught dead buying himself a toy, but as a present, well, the smile is genuine, even if he tells you “What am I going to do with this?” as if you screwed up. Oh by the way the figure’s SRP is 25 bucks. You’re welcome.

Author: Dan Greenfield

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