Holy Birthday Cake! It’s a BURT WARD Salute!

The greatest of Boys Wonder turns 72.


Burt WardRobin, to you and me — was born July 6, 1945, and gosh, do we have a celebration in store for you!

Here are some of our favorite features celebrating the greatest Boy Wonder of them all:

ROBIN’S SECOND LIFE: An interview with Burt Ward. Click here.

— Why BURT WARD is the Greatest of ALL Robins. Click here.

— BURT WARD’s 13 Grooviest Moments as Robin. Click here.

— A BATCAVE PODCAST SPECIAL: 30 Minutes With Burt Ward. Click here.

— ROBIN’s TOP 13 “Holy!” Exclamations. Click here.

— The Complete BATMAN ’66 Top 13 Episode Countdown. Click here.

Author: Dan Greenfield

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