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So, yep, this is happening. Artist and convention promoter Cliff Galbraith and I have decided to launch a website. What makes us different? Simple: This is where writers and artists will have a voice.

In addition to the coverage I brought you at Parallel Worlds — more on that another time — this is a place where comics creators themselves will write about our favorite art form. They’ll talk about what they love and what they don’t. They’ll talk to you and they’ll talk to each other. We have quite a line-up assembled already and you’ll see those names crop up in the next couple of weeks as we move past this soft launch.

Oh, and you’ll get plenty of material from knowledgeable folks who chronicle the worlds of comics, sci-fi and pop culture.

We are by no means finished with the site. We are sanding corners and polishing chrome. So pardon (parts of) our appearance. We just couldn’t wait to start rolling things out.

Stick around. Lots to come!


No, we’re not aiming high or anything.


Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. I would like CCBeck to write a piece ! No he’s dead. Well how about coverage of the golden age truly one and only big cheese and family ?

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  2. Looking forward to more from this! Really liked the NYP blog a lot.

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  3. This is great news. I’ll look forward to many great pieces from you, Cliff, and other creators.

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    • Thanks Karen!!!

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