The publisher is seeking some rare strips and needs help from fans worldwide …


The Library of American Comics, the IDW imprint run by comics historian Dean Mullaney, has for the last couple of years been putting out terrific volumes of Superman’s Golden/Silver Age and Batman’s Silver/Bronze Age newspaper strips — most of which have never been reprinted before.

Like so …


Thing is, it sometimes takes the Caped Crusander’s detective skills and some X-ray vision to gather all of the strips necessary to complete these volumes.

That’s where you come in:

“We’re STILL looking for about nine months of Batman from 1971. Our latest goose chase took us to Germany and the archives of the European edition of Stars and Stripes. That paper was one of the few that ran the strip until its very end. Unfortunately, they couldn’t help us with the missing strips, so if any of your readers have 1971 Batman dailies, we’d love it if they would please, please get in touch!”

But they also need a whole bunch of Superman strips as well. See below:

These are the Batman dates they are looking for:

March 22 – December 4, 1971 — dailies only.



These are the Superman dates they are looking for:

December 1942

February to June 1944

Most dailies from May 1945 – July 1949

A handful from 1950 

Most from 1951-March 1959

If you have any info, strips to share or questions, contact Dean at info@loacomics.com


Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. Fabulous volumes. I proposed to them an idea after a panel at SDCC to make these volumes available on comixology with hardcover proff of purchase and and additional 1/2 the cover price. So are you/they asking us to speak with our local newspapers an inquire wether these are in the microfiche collection ?

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    • Newspaper Microfilm editions, especially for the Superman do exist – it’s a combination of finding clean microfilm copies as well as the actual quality of the microfilm reproduction.

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      • I have a bunch of Batman original art for strips from 1966-68 (Joe Giella pencil and inks) as well as 4 Batman dailies from 1945 and 6. Frank

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      • So what is exactly being looked for ? The original newspapers, the original art or ?????

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  2. Thanks for the article! I have one of the Superman strips they are looking for and have contacted them. FYI – the e-mail address you have in the article is incorrect. They can be reached at info@loacomics.com.

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    • Thanks for correcting the email address! The other one was what they gave us. The story has been updated.

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