Greatest Comic Book Ever Comes Out This Week

Kirk vs. Taylor? On the bridge of the Enterprise? AHEAD WARP FACTOR 10!

The greatest crossover in the history of recorded time — Star Trek/Planet of the Apes: The Primate Directive #3 — is out 3/4, from IDW and Boom!

If you don’t buy it, you either have no soul or you’re just a damn dirty ape.


Cover by Rachael Stott

This book — by the Brothers Tipton (David and 13th D contributor Scott) and artists Rachael Stott and Charlie Kirchoff — is all sorts of epic radness. Or rad epicness. I can’t decide.

In case you’re a joyless sort who doesn’t understand fun and hasn’t picked up the first two issues, here’s where things stand:

Basically, Kirk, Spock and crew arrive on POTA, naturally encounter talking apes (including gorillas in league with Klingons — YES!) but then find themselves in the Forbidden Zone, where they run into a barely hinged Taylor, who is filled with post-“DAMN you ALL to HELLLLL” despair.

Plus Hubba Hubba Nova, who would totally be Kirk bait if this were any other planet.

Oh, and Taylor wants Kirk‘s ship.

Got that?

There’s more.


Incredible variant cover

At heart, it’s a classic Trek set-up — the crew dealing with someone who may do the wrong things for the right reasons. And we’re deep in the throes of Prime Directive theory with two great men — one the eternal optimist, one the ultimate pessimist — and OH, HELL WHO AM I KIDDING!

The Kingdom of Cheeze is at stake — with a SPACETIME BATTLE OF THE CENTURIES between Comic Book Charlton Heston and Comic Book William Shatner and if I have to explain anything more than that you don’t belong here and don’t let the Internet hit you in the ass on the way out!

Get ready for a class in Kirk Fu vs. Gritted White-Teeth Squinty-Eyed Nihilistic Abandon!!


There is only one way this could possibly get better: And it’s if Kirk chases Taylor all around Deck 5 and they run smack into … COMMANDER JAMES BOND!


It could happen!!

I mean, isn’t this V’ger‘s grandfather??


Boy, I cannot wait for this.

Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. uh no, its lame. i mean at first it sounds cool, but then it degrades into pointlessness like mixing star trek with the X-men. ok that one is worse.

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