FLEISCHER SUPERMAN: Dig These 13 Incredible Pieces of Classic Animation Art

A goldmine from the Golden Age…

If you’re a fan of Superman animation, make sure you pick up TwoMorrows’ RetroFan #25, which is due out Wednesday. In addition the usual collection of goodies, including a cover interview with Lynda Day George, there are two essential articles on Man of Steel animation — one on the 1940s Fleischer cartoons, the other on the 1960s Filmation series.

Well, not too long ago, we ran a gallery of 13 FILMATION SUPERMAN ANIMATION CELS, so this seemed like the right time to balance the ledger with 13 FLEISCHER SUPERMAN ILLUSTRATIONS, a number of which appear in the mag.

So dig this collection of original cels, special edition reproductions, concept drawings and storyboards — all of which you can find right below RF #25’s table of contents.

Up, up and away!

All images courtesy of Heritage Auctions:

Production cel setup with key master background (Max Fleischer, 1941)

Studio model sheet

Studio model sheet

Limited edition cel signed by animator Myron Waldman

Layout drawing (Max Fleischer, 1941)

Limited edition cel signed by Waldman

Model drawing (Max Fleischer, c. 1941)

Production cel setup with master background (Max Fleischer, 1941)

Daily Planet Building/Metropolis layout drawing (Max Fleischer, 1941)

Clark Kent at the Daily Planet layout drawing (Max Fleischer, 1942)

Lois Lane studio model sheet (Max Fleischer, 1941)

Lois Lane and airplane layout drawing (Max Fleischer, 1941)

Publicity/color model cel (Max Fleischer, 1941)

RetroFan #25 is due out Feb. 8. It will be available at comics shops and magazine sellers (though the release date may vary). You can also order it directly through TwoMorrows. Click here.


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Author: Dan Greenfield

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    • Those cartoons are some of the greatest things ever put on celluloid. Bar none, they are my favorite Superman made for the screen, whether the screen be big or small.

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      • These are by far the best Superman cartoons ! Would love to see someone make a Superman move that takes place during the late 4Os.

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  1. Wow, that is some stunning model sheets and artwork.

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  2. I never noticed the red belt. always thought it was yellow, but most of these show red.

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  3. Was there a particular reason why the S shield had a black background instead of yellow?

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