Finally! Bill Finger Gets Credit on a Batman Cover!

So, this is cool: DC today put out the cover for a special giveaway edition of Detective #27. Listed first in the credits? Bob Kane? Second. Bill Finger. Nice.

This is the special edition of Detective Comics #27 that the publisher will be giving away in comics shops and bookstores on July 23, which DC has dubbed Batman Day. (There will be Batman Day celebrations in libraries on Saturday, July 26, as well.) It’s a mash-up of the Batman #0 cover by Greg Capullo and the original Detective cover by Bob Kane from 1939.

The book is obviously reprint heavy but so what. The best part is that Bill Finger, the great unsung writer who gave us so much of what Batman is today — including his dark look, his real name, Gotham City, much of his arsenal, and elements of Robin and the Joker — is listed right there on the cover. That’s a first. I can’t wait to get mine.

Detective 27






Author: Dan Greenfield

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