EXCLUSIVE Preview: B.P.R.D. Hell on Earth #126

Mignola, Arcudi, Harren, Stewart and co. bring you the latest, 12/17 from Dark Horse!

Boy, how rare it is to post something with an issue number in the triple digits. Outstanding. Anyway, here’s the official description: “A monster terrorizes a mountain where Howards finds a connection to his past as a prehistoric warlord. The Russians struggle with their own monsters, and in New York, the Zinco corporation operates under the mysterious directions of the Black Flame.”

And here’s a sneak peak inside the excellent-as-usual B.P.R.D.

Cover by Laurence Campbell:


BPRDHE #126 PG 04


BPRDHE #126 PG 05

BPRDHE #126 PG 06

Author: Dan Greenfield

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