The subversive, anthropomorphic-animal detective series returns 5/17, from IDW.

It’s been described many ways elsewhere already, so I’ll go with Fritz the Cat Meets Blacksad Meets Chinatown Meets Animal Farm Meets Zootopia Meets 8mm.

That about covers it, so here’s the official solicitation:

Animal Noir #4

Izar Lunacek & Nejc Juren (w) • Izar Lunacek (a & c) 

When one of Shasha’s wives goes missing during the annual Clan boss gathering, the Althing, Manny Diamond joins the search party to investigate. Did she run away or was she the victim of retaliation from a rival clan daring to break the Althing Peace? 

FC • 32 pages • $3.99

Author: Dan Greenfield

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