What you can expect when the oversize tribute is released Dec. 7…

The DC Poster Portfolio: George Pérez — celebrating the work of one of comics’ greatest creators — is coming Wednesday and we’ve got an EXCLUSIVE INSIDE LOOK for you.

The 12″ x 16″ paperback includes 20 frameable images of some of the late superstar’s best-known DC Comics covers — from Crisis on Infinite Earths to The New Teen Titans, to Wonder Woman to Justice League of America, and more.

But you want to know which ones we’re talking about, so check out the back cover:

Here are some up-close images for you to peruse:

The portfolio lists for $24.99 and there’s still time to add it your Christmas list — for yourself or the fan in your life who appreciates the work of one of the greatest ever to put pencil to board.


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Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. I’ll be picking this up for sure, but I can’t help feeling DC missed a trick by not printing it in a larger format.

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    • It’s larger than an Absolute and roughly the same size as the original artwork would be. How much bigger did you need it?

      I’m just sad that DC continues to print the incorrect version of the Infinite Crisis #7 cover. Note that Sinestro’s constructs are purple (not yellow) and Jay Garrick seems to be fighting the Flash (rather than Reverse-Flash) which were correct on the issue itself, but not in the solicited version that has been reprinted in the trade/Absolute/Omnibus.

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  2. God bless George Perez ! My first 2 Perez comics were Fantastic Four 186 and Avengers 161 and I was a fan ever since. I didn’t know about this portfolio, I will be picking this up. Hopefully more stuff like this will be published. Thanks for posting.

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  3. I think the cover for JLA #200 should have been in there. They could have done it landscape-style. But otherwise this looks great!

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    • AMAZING! I had the exact same thought about JLA #200 too! That issue is one of my all time favorites, with the beautiful wrap-around cover by George Perez! I hope they produce a Volume 2. I’d love for them to include every cover of Tales of the New Teen Titans (miniseries), Wonder Woman #1, Crisis on Infinite Earths #8, Green Lantern #132, DCCP #38, and more New Teen Titans covers (e.g.. #30)!

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