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An 80-year Marvel history tour…

As announced a couple weeks ago, Marvel’s got a big ol’ special one-shot coming in August that celebrates the publisher’s 80th anniversary. About a jillion creators — from luminaries like Roy Thomas, Gerry Conway and George Perez to pretty much any major creator currently working on a Marvel book — will be contributing to the rather cheekily titled Marvel Comics #1000:

Provided by Marvel Comics

You can click here for the details, but Marvel officially solicited it this week and, as expected, the book will come with a whole passel of variants, including a run of decade-by-decade covers a la DC’s Detective Comics #1000 (click here) and Action Comics #1000 (click here).

Best I’ve seen so far? This magnificent collage cover by artist Mr Garcin:

I’m not sure whether the cover will include trade dress or not, but at least you can spend an hour or three here checking out the unencumbered image.

And damn if that doesn’t deserve to be a poster. In fact, it will be! It’s due out Aug. 7 — three weeks before the issue itself comes out Aug. 28.

(UPDATED: Turns out the cover has an image from DC Comics in it (!). On the middle right, next to the A vs X logo is Alan Scott kissing his partner. Marvel says it will be removing the image, from Earth 2 #2, before the cover is released, Newsarama reports.)

Oh, and while we’re at it, take a look at the other covers released so far:

Main cover by Alex Ross

Steve Ditko

’70s tribute variant by Greg Smallwood

’90s tribute variant by Ron Lim

Gabriele Dell’otto


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Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. It’s really fascinating that Marvel is celebrating its 80th anniversary at the same time the Batman character is celebrating his own 80th anniversary. 🙂

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