The master in the fray…

Here’s how this goes: Neal Adams is one of the most important comics artists in history.

So if you’re gonna put out Detective Comics #1000, you damn well have to make sure he’s involved. (Don’t forget — Denny O’Neil and Adams’ Secret of the Waiting Graves in Detective Comics #395 was the story that firmly established Batman’s return to his dark roots.)

Well, not only has Adams illustrated a story for ‘Tec #1000, he’s produced three, count ’em, three variants for the landmark issue that also celebrates Batman’s 80th anniversary.

Check them out:

Now, these are not variants put out directly by DC. These are retailer exclusives available only through Adams’ Continuity Studios and Gallery.

They join a whole host of retailer exclusives that we’ve begun spotlighting. Look for more in the coming weeks.


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Author: Dan Greenfield

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