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THE NEAL ADAMS CHRONICLES: When an all-time great honors a modern master…

Hey, folks! As promised Sunday in the introduction of THE NEAL ADAMS CHRONICLES — our new, ongoing feature done in conjunction with the late artist’s family — we have a glorious piece of art to show off to you.

It’s Adams’ version of Jim Lee’s 2018 Batman #50 variant cover. And the best part is you can bid on it at the family’s online sale/auctions this week. (More on that below.)

Dig this:

Here’s Neal’s son-in-law, Peter Stone, with the backstory: “This Batman/Catwoman piece is an homage of a Jim Lee cover from Batman #50. Neal altered the Catwoman figure to fit his version of Catwoman. One of the variant covers was a Jim Lee sketch, which inspired Neal to imitate the image. The inking style is not really Neal’s, but the crosshatching is absolutely amazing. The work involved was a tremendous amount of time, but the final result is shockingly good. This is also one of the last ‘Batman covers’ Neal Adams did. He continued to do commissions, but this cover was a labor of love for Neal. It’s intense and beautiful.”

Here’s the piece, side by side, with Lee’s inked cover. (There was also one with just pencils.)

That is glorious. If I’m Jim Lee, one of the biggest superstars of the Modern Age and the guy who heads DC Comics, my mind would be absolutely blown.

Anyway, Adams’ illustration is for sale through the family’s twice-weekly Facebook sale/auctions, which are Wednesdays and Fridays, starting between 7:15 and 7:30 p.m. Here’s the link to the Neal Adams Comic Artist page. The price is $20,000 but, as is everything in life, negotiable depending on the circumstances.

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Author: Dan Greenfield

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