A high school in NYC is having its own mini-convention, starring none other than Klaus Janson and Larry Hama on 12/12

Renzo Ventrella is a teacher at the prestigious Xavier High School in Manhattan and I made his acquaintance, virtually speaking, earlier this year when I opined that the greatest missed opportunity in the history of filmdom was that Christopher Lee never got to play Ra’s al Ghul, which would have been perfect casting in the 1970s. (Click here to check it out. It’s fun!)

Renzo dug the idea so much that he sent over a sketch of Sir Christopher as the Demon’s Head himself:


Wonderful stuff and I was really honored by the gesture.

Well, Renzo’s so into comics, and so into helping out his school — where he’s the chairman of the Fine Arts Department — that he’s organized X-Con, a one-day show at the school on Saturday 12/2, featuring Messrs. Janson and Hama.

Here’s the promo:


This sounds like a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon in December (or any other, for that matter). For more info, click here.

Author: Dan Greenfield

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