Artist Bill Morrison’s having a little fun…

The famed Carmine Infantino-Murphy Anderson Batman and Robin rooftop pin-up has been around since 1966 but we’ve been having a lot of fun celebrating it this year for no reason other than it is eternally cool.

We’ve done three stories already — check out those links below — but here’s another for ya. Dig this homage by Bongo Comics co-founder Bill Morrison that will be available as a print at San Diego Comic-Con:

My, that is fun, fun, fun.

Here it is, side-by-side with the original:

“The print will be $20 signed, and available at my table at SDCC, I-05 in Hall B,” Bill said. “I drew this for a St. Jude fundraiser that was organized by the National Cartoonists Society a few years ago. I chose Batwoman and Batgirl to commemorate Batwoman’s (Kathy Kane) 65th anniversary in 2021. The iconic Carmine Infantino and Murphy Anderson Batman and Robin illustration is one of my favorite Dynamic Duo images, and felt that paying homage to that classic artwork was the perfect way to give some love to the Bat-women of the ’50s and early ’60s.”

This isn’t the first time Morrison has gone down this road. Check out his Simpsons version — which was included in our 13 TRIBUTES TO THE CLASSIC BATMAN AND ROBIN ROOFTOP PIN-UP:

If you want a commission or other Morrison pieces, contact Bill’s art rep Ken Carson at 4C Comics. Email

Right on.


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Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. I MUST get a copy of Bat Woman and Batgirl…2 of my non-B and R characters from the 50’s

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  2. BTW, Morrison forgot Bat Girls green gloves!

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    • I didn’t forget Batgirl’s gloves. She didn’t have them in her first appearance in early 1961, and for a few years after that. She had them briefly at the end of 1963, and for that reason some artists have included them in more modern appearances, but I chose to go with the classic early look.

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  3. The first Batman comic I ever owned was #141, the second appearance of the Betty Kane Bat-Girl. I bought it, or to be more precise, an older relative with money probably bought it for me when I was 7 years old 62 years ago. It’s the comic that started me on being a life-long Bat-Fan!!

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  4. Classic! Where do I get one?

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  5. Would love a Kathy Kane Batwoman / Betty Kane Bat-Girl collected Edition! And how great would it be, now that the World’s Finest retro book has extended to a World’s Finest: Teen Titans title, to see a World’s Finest: Batwoman/Bat-Girl title!

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