All-New Marvel Now! Weekly Wrap: New Warriors #1

Marc Buxton continues his weekly look at all the All-New Marvel Now! first issues and .NOW issues. Just one this week …



New Warriors #1. Writer: Christopher Yost. Art: Marcus To. It’s been awhile since fans have been gifted with a New Warriors monthly, and this one seems to pick up where all the others left off, with a fun focus on the young heroes of the Marvel Universe, juxtaposed with a darker undertone of inevitable menace. The only problem is, all those other books died and this one is not dissimilar to all the other volumes that couldn’t find an audience.

The story starts out with a paint-by-numbers intro to the team, with Justice and Speedball running afoul of the old Fantastic Four foes the Salem Seven, who have become the heroic protectors of a town for beings of magical descent. (Actually, that’s a spin off I would love to read.) Anyway, somehow those events are related to a mysterious attack in Mexico, etc et..  The team seems diverse, the action seems cool, and Yost has a good handle on the myriad voices he must juggle. All this plus the solid tonal art of Marcus To make for a compelling package. Imagine how good it will all be when the intros are done and the story can get going. Grade: B+.

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