ADAM HUGHES: 13 Reasons Krampus is Better Than Santa

You know it’s true.

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This piece by Adam Hughes first ran in 2017 — and it’s as hilarious now as it was then. By the way, you can still get Hughes and Mike Mignola’s Eisner-winning Hellboy: Krampusnacht digitally. Click here.

I’m not even going with the big wind-up on this one. Adam Hughes, one of comics’ very best, is teaming up with Mike Mignola, one of comics’ very best, for a Hellboy one-shot out now from Dark Horse: Krampusnacht.

That these two modern masters haven’t collaborated before now is downright funny. But not nearly as funny as this list of 13 Reasons Krampus is Better Than Santa — by none other than Mignola’s new partner in demonic crime. — Dan


13. “Krampus’ is not an anagram of “Satan.”

12. Krampus doesn’t use deer, rein or otherwise, to mule illicit goods across international borders.

11. Krampus doesn’t have a “side thing” going on with the Easter Bunny.

10. Krampus courtesy flushes when he visits. You know what I mean.

9. Krampus doesn’t employ elves, but if he DID, they would get maternity leave.

8. Krampus knows what Mrs. Claus likes.

7. Krampus is substantively badder than old King Kong.

6. Krampus has been known to be, on occasion, meaner than a junkyard dog.

5. Krampus has — Fun Fact! — a doctorate in medieval metaphysics from Miskatonic University.

4. Krampus doesn’t need magic to get HIS man-sized ass up or down a chimney.

3. Krampus doesn’t have 11 aliases, unlike SOME yuletime reverse-burglars.

2. Krampus kills more kids than Santa, on average.

1. Krampus don’t give a shit.

Now dig this SNEAK PEEK at Krampusnacht, written by Mignola with art by Hughes:

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Author: Dan Greenfield

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