A JULIE NEWMAR Birthday Salute

The Mistress of Meow continues to entrance us.


I’ve gotten to experience so much since launching this website in 2013, but among the coolest things has been getting to know Julie Newmar, whose 87th birthday is today, Aug. 16.

I’ve said it time and again: Nobody has ever embodied Catwoman like she did and every actress who’s put on a Cat-outfit since owes a debt to Ms. Newmar.

So to celebrate, I’ve curated a selection of features and interviews that pay tribute to a woman as graceful and lovely as she is ageless.


— Happy Birthday, JULIE NEWMAR! Click here.

— To JULIE NEWMAR: Thanks For Everything. Click here.

— JULIE NEWMAR Recalls Her Start as CATWOMAN. Click here.

— Dig This UP-CLOSE LOOK at an Original CATWOMAN Costume. Click here.

JULIE NEWMAR Pays Tribute to ADAM WEST. Click here.

– My Brother, One Cool Cat, by JULIE NEWMAR. Click here.


Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. Beautiful story Dan!!
    Julie Newmar is as beautiful and shapely on the inside as well. She’s timeless. So glad that she remained close friends with the whole gang through it all. Only, and I mean ONLY the power of THE BATMAN wouldn’t fall subject the the beauty of the Catwoman coming on to him time after time. His most loyal fans watched eagerly every seductive moment.
    Even if he did break, who could blame him? Then he would have been known as:[THE MAN!] Regardless we love him as THE BATMAN!

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  2. You’re still the s meow, Julie Newmar! Happy birthday to you!

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  1. Happy Birthday, Julie Newmar! - #GAYNRD - […] Catwoman on ABC’s hit 1960s show Batman, along with Eartha Kitt, turns 86 today, according to 13th […]

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