13 Underrated WONDER WOMAN Covers From the ’80s

Even if they’re underrated, they’re still Wondrous…

Hey, Wonder Woman 1984 is finally getting released this week  — Christmas Day to be precise. It’s getting pretty good reviews, so I’m hopeful that the ever-inconsistent DC Extended Universe has its act together on this one. (I dug the first one, by the by.)

Anyway, the movie obviously takes place in 1984, which got me thinking about the Amazing Amazon from that period. Despite some top-flight creators, WW really didn’t capture the comics public’s imagination again until George Perez and co. entered the scene a few years later.

So with that in mind, here are 13 UNDERRATED WONDER WOMAN COVERS FROM THE ’80s. (To be precise, we’re talking issues that came out from 1980 to 1984.

Great Hera — let’s get to it! In no particular order:

Wonder Woman #277. Try as they might, DC has never really been able to establish Kobra as the threat they intended. Maybe because they already had Ra’s Al Ghul — without the silly mask. Ross Andru was perhaps thinking the same thing because this cover, while cool, feels like a riff on Neal Adams’ famed Limited Collectors’ Edition #C-51 treasury cover spotlighting the Demon’s Head.

Ross Andru pencils, Dick Giordano inks

Wonder Woman #304. Gil Kane had a spell as cover artist, often using a graphic technique highlighting Wonder Woman’s new WW logo. An interesting, poster approach that was bold and colorful.

Gil Kane

Wonder Woman #289. Supergirl and Batgirl seem like completely natural ideas, but whenever a male version of Wonder Woman gets introduced, he comes off as really dorky. Even Marvel’s Wonder Man! While entertaining as hell, this cover only proves that Wonder Woman always wore the outfit best.

Gene Colan pencils, Dick Giordano inks

Wonder Woman #284. Pre-Perez Wonder Woman — by Perez! Actually, I hate to say it but the best part of the cover is Huntress and Robin swinging around WW’s logo. Nifty.

George Perez pencils, Giordano inks

Wonder Woman #307. Some good ol’ Wonder Woman vs. the gods action. Love the colors too. Would like to know who did them.


Wonder Woman #322. Hey, where did Wonder Woman find Cerebro?!

Eduardo Barreto

Wonder Woman #285. Terrific action cover. I can’t help but think Red Dragon’s outfit was designed by Ben Cooper — I would totally wear that.

Andru and Giordano

Wonder Woman #323. Etta’s certainly got her hands full here. Unfortunately, it does point out the limitations of WW’s rogues gallery. For the most part, you do really need to stick to the gods.


Wonder Woman #268. I totally forgot that Animal Man showed up again before Grant Morrison got his hands on him later in the ’80s. And the Changeling looks like Crazy Quilt’s brother, doesn’t he?

Andru and Giordano

Wonder Woman #296. Nice, uncomplicated layout but I certainly hope that Wonder Woman was able to knock this clown out with one punch. Because, honestly.

Ernie Colon pencils, Frank Giacoia inks

Wonder Woman #324. I really dig the Atomic Knight’s look and love the way Paris Cullins conveys the power of the Invisible Jet. A simple but easy to look at cover with good colors and a dramatic perspective.

Paris Cullins pencils, Tanghal inks

Wonder Woman #298. I’m not sure this qualifies as an underrated cover and it’s probably the most effective of these 13. Damn, that rat on Wonder Woman’s left thigh! Yicch. Thanks, Frank Miller.

Frank Miller pencils, Giordano inks

Wonder Woman #312. I think this my fave of the bunch. Sure, Wonder Woman’s fighting gremlins(!) but the action is dynamic, the colors bright, the sense of movement strong and framing superb. Gil Kane, ladies and gentlemen…



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Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. Gotta luv the GK covers, but the composition I find the most creative is issue #324.

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    • Great Gallery! Jose Delbo allowed me to costume RED DRAGON when he was my instructor at Kubert School. He knew I loved character design. We’re still Buddies. The Ben Cooper comment made my day!

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      • I looked up Ben Cooper, are we talking a cowboy actor?

        And nice job, Darren!

        Great bunch of covers Dan, but I loved Diana’s wonky Rogue’s Gallery, I get so bored of gods. And bring back that lumberjack fella!

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  2. I own all and enjoy most (except the Miller one) of those covers, but my favorite that you picked is WW 284 by George Perez.

    I think the Eduardo Barretto one is sweet, too. Barretto did some awesome Wonder Woman and Superman/Action Comics covers around this time. A massively underappreciated artist.

    Cullins doesn’t seem to get a lot of love either, but WW is really beautiful on that cover by him as well. As I said though, these are all (well, except for one) really awesome covers.

    Amazing what a hit movie will do for a character. I didn’t collect WW growing up and didn’t give over $3 or $4 for any of these on the back issue market before the movie came out.

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  3. There were a bunch of WW covers that had a poster-like composition heavy on the WW logo during this period. They were done specifically to cement the trademark on the new costume emblem.

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    • Yeah, there were like a half-dozen of them. This one’s probably the least recognized.

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