13 STUNNING PAGES: Inside Frank Cho’s SAVAGE WOLVERINE Artist’s Edition


IDW’s latest Artist’s Edition is out 6/27 and this time out it’s a relatively recent Marvel Comics offering: Frank Cho’s gorgeous Savage Wolverine.

As you know, these oversize hardcovers feature incredibly detailed high-resolution scans of an artist’s original work. Where Cho’s concerned, that hi-res intensity really comes into play, as you’ll see below. To see his fine line-work up close like this is downright startling.

The edition comprises Cho’s five 2013 issues of Savage Wolverine, including the covers, plus a gallery of sketches and designs. It measures 144 pages at 14″ x 21″ and lists for $150. (The story as published was lettered digitally by Cory Petit but IDW preserved it so you can read the story.)

As usual, I’ve selected 13 pages to show off, but as I always like to say when presenting these Artist’s Edition previews, this is just scratching the surface. In fact, there are some incredible double-page spreads, but to reproduce them here doesn’t do them justice given the size of most screens, so I stuck with single pages.

So just imagine…








Frank Cho’s Savage Wolverine Artist’s Edition is due 6/27.


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Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. I don’t really give a shit about the ‘Savage Wolverine’ storyline, but including the dialogue & captions is a good move. Cho’s art is like a fusion of Adam Hughes, Jeff Smith & Arthur Adams, with a dash of Moebius.

    With the Prince Valiant, Charles Burns & Jaime Hernandez Studio Editions, this Frank Cho & the America’s Best Comics Artist’s Edition – with 40+ sequential pages by Arthur Adams & another 40+ pages by Kevin Nowlan that make it the best AE no one bought – as well as the soon to be released JH William III’s Sandman Overture Gallery Edition, the last year has – for me – been the best one yet for new AE format books.

    Now for a Frank Quitely AE, a Batman: Year One Gallery Edition (if Overture sells well, after including a ‘mini-AE’ in the Absolute Ed.); a Geof Darrow AE,
    a Rafael Grampa CuraColl, & a Paul Pope Batman: Year 100 GE.

    Also: a Daniel Clowes David Boring Studio Edition… and a Dave Cooper ‘Suckle, Crumple, Ripple’ or ‘Dan & Larry’ Studio Edition… and a Jim Woodring ‘Frank’ Studio Edition. ‘Monograph’ by Chris Ware might be as close to an AE as is possible.

    Alex Raymond, Milt Caniff & Eduardo Risso all need AE’s as well. Kirby has a dozen already; I don’t care if you’re a delusional Marvel fanboy, Kirby was NOT the king of comics. He was fucking great, and he revolutionized a style that obsequious nerds salivate over. But 90% of the ridiculous praise heaped on his skeleton is by ‘critics’ & fans suffering myopia-via-nostalgia, to the exclusion & disrespect of other Greats who arguably did far more, before AND after Kirby’s golden period.

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