EXCLUSIVE INSIDE LOOK: This is the one you’ve been waiting for.

This is where you sit up on the edge of your seat and behold the incredible — nay, fantastic — wonder that was Jack Kirby’s Fantastic Four.

Marvel may not be publishing the adventures of its First Family. DC may be having a bit of fun with their upcoming takeoff The Terrifics.

But here’s the original, in all its powerful, bombastic glory, as presented by IDW — with Marvel’s blessing — on 8/2, just in time for the Kirby centennial later in the month.

We’ve run many previews of IDW’s outstanding Artist’s Editions in the past and the publisher has really been on a roll of late. But it wouldn’t be Stan Lee-esque hyperbole to suggest that this latest volume — Jack Kirby’s Fantastic Four: The World’s Greatest Artist’s Edition — ranks near or maybe even at the very top of the heap.

This thing is packed.

This may be the second FF Artist’s Edition — click here for a look at the first — but check out what’s in it: Early-issue “twice up” art scanned from the original pages; complete stories from Issues #33, #45, #47, #60; an extraordinary gallery of covers — including a rare, unpublished piece featuring Black Panther’s first appearance; pin-ups and pages from other issues from throughout the Kirby run; guest appearances by the Inhumans, Silver Surfer, Sub-Mariner and the X-Men; and the inking prowess of Joe Sinnott, Chic Stone, ¬†Frank Giacoia, Dick Ayers and others, including Steve Ditko and Wally Wood.

It’s a powerful 160-page hardcover at 15″ x 22″, True Believers. The list price? $150.

But enough talk. You’re here to see 13 FANTASTIC PAGES.

One last thing, though. This was easily the most difficult time I’ve had curating an Artist’s Edition to preview because there’s so much in here. I could have kept it to covers and splashes, which would have been easy. Instead, I’ve included a mix that represents the entire book — not including those smaller glimpses above. Trust me when I say this EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW just scratches the surface — especially when you consider that these images are much smaller than in the book.


Joe Sinnott inks

FF Annual #2. Chic Stone inks

FF #11. Dick Ayers inks.

FF #47. Sinnott inks.

FF Annual #1. Sol Brodsky inks.

FF #45. Sinnott inks.

Unpublished cover, FF #52. Sinnott inks.

FF #33. Stone inks.

FF #60. Sinnott inks.

FF #60. Sinnott inks.

FF #47. Sinnott inks.

FF #60. Sinnott inks.

Sinnott inks.

Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. That is great! That is so great! How much? Once again, makes me want to be rich so I can buy the things I want. Contrary to the cliche their “just things”. Some things are really cool to have.

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