13 REASONS PAUL KUPPERBERG Is a Comic Book Treasure

A BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION of the celebrated Mr. K…

Our buddy, pal and columnist Paul Kupperberg turns 67! Paul is a true comic-book lifer, in the very best sense of the term: going from fan to fanzine editor to writer to novelist, with many comics-related stops in between.

Paul, and many others like him, are the backbone of this beautiful artform we love so much.

The celebrated Mr. K became a 13th Dimension columnist pretty much by accident. He wrote a guest piece a couple years ago and just never stopped. His perspective, good humor and encyclopedic knowledge have not only entertained our readers — myself very much included — they’ve kept alive the industry’s history. That very combination is pretty much the point of this website and I’m incredibly grateful and proud that Paul is an important part of it.

Birthdays are a big deal at 13th Dimension and Paul has done plenty of columns saluting the work of others. Today, I want to salute Paul with 13 of my favorite columns he’s written over the last couple of years — because damn, they’re good: insightful, illuminating and often hilarious.

Happy birthday, Paul! Hope the cake is good!


— PAUL KUPPERBERG: My 13 Favorite 1960s DC 80-PAGE GIANTS. Click here.

— PAUL KUPPERBERG: My 13 Favorite WORLD OF KRYPTON Miniseries Moments — RANKED. Click here.

— THE ATLAS OF THE DC UNIVERSE: Paul Kupperberg Reveals 13 FASCINATING FACTS. Click here.

— PAUL KUPPERBERG: My 13 Favorite SHOWCASE #100 Moments. Click here.

— PAUL KUPPERBERG: My 13 Favorite Unpublished DC COMICS Projects. Click here.

— PAUL KUPPERBERG: 13 Favorite Comic Book Characters – RANKED. Click here.

— PAUL KUPPERBERG: My 13 Favorite 1960s DC MULTIVERSE Stories. Click here.

— PAUL KUPPERBERG: 13 Comics That Might Have Been. Click here.

— PAUL KUPPERBERG: My 13 Favorite 1960s CHARLTON COMICS House Ads. Click here.

— 65 YEARS: Celebrating THE FLASH’s Anniversary — and the Birth of the SILVER AGE. Click here.

— PAUL KUPPERBERG: My 13 Favorite Bronze Age MARVEL Monsters. Click here.

— PAUL KUPPERBERG: My 13 Favorite COMIC BOOK NOVELS. Click here.

— PAUL KUPPERBERG: My 13 Favorite Insane ‘THE PEOPLE VS. SUPERHEROES’ Covers. Click here.


— For ALL of Paul’s columns, click here.

— Also, if you really want to wish him a Happy Birthday, buy his books! Here’s his bio:

Sure, you know PAUL KUPPERBERG as the prolific writer of over a thousand comic books for such characters and series as Superman, Aquaman, Doom Patrol, Vigilante, Life with Archie, Bart Simpson, Scooby-Doo, and dozens more for DC Comics, Archie Comics, Bongo Comics, and others, and that he is also the creator of the series Arion, Lord of Atlantis, Checkmate and Takion, and is a former editor for DC, Weekly World News, and WWE Kids Magazine. But Paul is also the author of numerous books, including the superhero novel JSA: Ragnarok and the comics industry-based murder mystery, The Same Old Story, not to mention (but we will anyway) Paul Kupperberg’s Illustrated Guide to Writing ComicsI Never Write for the Money, But I Always Turn in the Manuscript for a CheckDirect Comments: Comic Book Creators in their Own WordsThe Unpublished Comic Book Scripts of Paul Kupperberg and Son of the Unpublished Comic Book Scripts of Paul Kupperberg. You can follow Paul at PaulKupperberg.com and at Crazy8Press.com.

Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. Happy birthday, Paul Kupperberg, and thanks for your wonderful 13th Dimension columns! May there be many more of both!

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  2. All the best, Paul! I’ve enjoyed your work. Keep putting pen to paper.

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  3. Happy Birthday Paul! Thank you for the great entertainment you’ve given all of us comic fans!❤️

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  4. Happy birthday, Mr. K.

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  5. Paul IS a treasure and the comic’s world is a much better place because of him. Many stories told. Many left to tell.

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  6. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Paul. Have enjoyed your stories and columns.

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