They asked for suggestions, well here are 13 of them!

Figures Toy Company released this last year -- and most of these figures (plus many more) have already been produced or formally announced.

Figures Toy Company released this last year — and most of these figures (plus many more) have already been produced or formally announced.

On the back of the new wave of First Appearance figures (which I reviewed here), Figures Toy Company asks for suggestions for what other characters we’d like to see in the line — while suggesting that we’re going to get heroes like Golden Age Wonder Woman and Jay Garrick Flash and Alan Scott Green Lantern at some point.

Well, I’m taking them up on the challenge — and broadening it to an overall list. Now, I’m leaving out the characters already announced like Barry Allen Flash or Mary Marvel, or the New Teen Titans. And while he’s not been formally announced, I’m confident they’ll get around to, say, Hal Jordan Green Lantern.

No, these are 13 figures I’m not sure FTC will make — but ones I want — in no particular order:

1. Dr. Fate

2. Hourman



3. Hawk and Dove (2 figures with one pick. I’m allowed.)



4. Silver Age Earth-Two Robin



5. Bronze Age Earth-Two Robin



6. Huntress



7. Mera



8. The Atom



9. Earth-Two Superman



10. The Creeper



11. Kamandi



12. Silver Age Wonder Girl



And I’m cheating on 13: I want the ENTIRE Crime Syndicate!


Don’t see your choice? Add it to the comments or the social media thread where you saw this!

Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. Yes to: Dr. Fate and the Atom.

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    • Solomon Grundy and Brainiac. Easy and cool.. Legendary characters that were in the cartoons as well as the comics!

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  2. For me? More Batman villains.

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  3. Blue Beetle. Booster Gold. Even though they won’t stretch, Elongated Man and Plastic Man. Johnny Quick. Commander Steel.

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  4. Blue Beetle, Robotman, Wildcat, Jack Knight Starman, The Killer Moth, Calendar Man, Scarecrow (sorely needed), Dick Sprang Batman and Robin

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  5. Zatanna, Black Canary, Firestorm,
    Wonder Twins,
    Doctor Fate,
    Power Girl, Giganta, Huntress, Blue Beetle, Booster Gold, Samurai, Phantom Stranger, Hawkman, Hawkgirl all the Earth-2 Versions of Heroes

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  6. Reverse Flash please! And Julie Newmar Catwoman!

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  7. for me top ragman for he has never gotten any love in plastic. and yes to doctor fate. plus also wonder woman foes giganta and silver swan too

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  8. Plastic Man, Atom. Firestorm, Elongated Man, Black Canary, Mera, Hercules, Metallo, All Flash villians,

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  9. Atom
    Plastic man
    Red Tornado
    Star spangled kid
    Phantom stranger
    Captain boomerang
    Uncle Sam
    Vinnie Vincent

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  10. Great list The Creeper would be AWESOME, would add Mister Miracle (hell all the New Gods), Booster Gold, Blue Beetle, Fire and Ice

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  11. Ok – so many announcements we never saw, not sure what’s up with figures but my top DC wants are:
    1 Adult versions of the 7 inch titans
    2 JSA
    3. All Star Squadron
    4 Metal men
    5 Doom Patrol
    6 First appearance Superman
    7 Silver age Superman red Superman Blue
    8 Wayne Boring Superman
    9. Jor-el and Lara silverage
    10 silverage/ Bronze Age Legion of Superheroes
    11 Keaton Batman line
    12 Reeves Superman line
    13 Ambush Bug

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