13 Quick Thoughts About Marvel’s SECRET WARS

It seems like Marvel’s Secret Wars will change the Marvel Universe forever. Most of the event is shrouded in secrecy, but here are 13 things that Marc Buxton is looking forward to as we heads toward the event:



1. It will shake things up. While Original Sin was a blast, the big events at Marvel have been the same old-same old as of late. But by pushing some pieces around and changing the landscape of the MU, hopefully Secret Wars will feel like an Event.

2. The End of the Ultimate Universe. How often do we get to see the end of a long-running , shared fictional universe? I am so looking forward to — and fearing — seeing the fates of characters that have been with us for well over a decade now. Brought to us by the people who started it all, Brian Michael Bendis and Mark Bagley.


3. Miles Morales. Speaking of the Ultimate Universe: Miles Morales has been such a delight to read since his debut following the death of Ultimate Peter Parker but now, the sky is the limit when it comes to this young Spider-Man. Miles being included in the goings-on of the regular Marvel Universe is something such a rich character deserves. I look forward to Miles being a huge part of Secret Wars — and an even bigger part of the new MU.

4. Jonathan Hickman. Since his run on Fantastic Four, Hickman has been Marvel’s big idea man. Hickman thrives when the ideas are huge, and when he gets experimental, more often than not, fans are treated to pure story gold. Don’t believe me? Check out his Image books East of West and Manhattan Projects. I have faith that his story will deliver.


5. The fate of the Fantastic Four. There have been constant rumors regarding the FF’s future with Marvel. Secret Wars should indicate where Marvel’s First Family is off to next.

6. A whole lotta Thors. Check out that Secret Wars cover by the great Alex Ross! That’s a heapin’ helpin’ o’ Thors. Any event that will be part celebration of the great history of the God of Thunder is OK in my book.


7. The Marriage. Marvel promises to address the Spider-Man/Mary Jane marriage AND child somewhere during Secret Wars. This should stir up one heck of a hornets nest. Would Marvel dare to return the married Spidey to its universe? And what about the kid? And will the Internet implode?


8. Creative reshuffling. When the smoke clears after Secret Wars, Hickman’s run on the Avengers will have come to a close as will Bendis’ run on the X-Men. Looks like there is going to be a bunch of new people on a bunch of new books — similar to the creative shuffling that took place during Marvel Now!

9. Ms. Marvel. Kamala Khan is one of the biggest breakout comic book stars in decades. With Secret Wars, Marvel has the chance to really make the new Ms. Marvel shine by making her a major part of the event. We love you Kamala, show the world what you got!


10. Putting those X-Men rumors to rest. There is a faction of fandom convinced that Marvel is looking to jettison the X-Men from the Marvel Universe because of the Fox film deal. When Secret Wars is over and the X-Men are still going strong in the new MU with A-list talent guiding the X-books into the future, perhaps these rumors will finally and mercifully cease.

11. Future Imperfect. The Maestro, the evil future version of Hulk is promised to appear in Secret Wars. If Peter David is anywhere near this book, my fangasm will be legendary.

12. Wolverine. With the reshuffling of the Marvel Universe, Secret Wars could be the perfect opportunity to replace the deceased Wolverine with another universe’s version and keep the original 616 Logan dead. Will the death of Wolverine finally be a mainstream comic book death that sticks?

13. Superior no more? Similar to Wolverine, now that the 616 Tony Stark has been inverted, could Tony be replaced by his Ultimate — or perhaps another alt-version of Marvel‘s charismatic futurist? Now that would be a ballsy move.


Author: 13th Dimension

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