13 PHOTOS! Take a Look Inside GOTHAM’s New Cave

Hey, look! It’s the Batcave! Except it’s not! (Except you know it really is …)


The best scene in the Gotham Season 1 finale was when the fireplace in Young Master Bruce’s study opened to reveal a passageway to … well you know the rest.

So Season 2 is almost here (9/21!) and finally we get … The Rocky Secret Lair Below Wayne Manor That Has A Computer In It And Other Cool Detective Stuff But It’s Not the Batcave Because How Can You Have A Batcave If There’s No Batman?

That’s the show’s stance in a nutshell. But, you know, it’s the Batcave.


And we have 13 pix to share with you! I visited the set last week and was able to take a load of photos. This is just a small sample, but what better way to start than at the place most fans are dying to see?

Official Season 2 promo photo from Fox.

Official Season 2 promo photo from Fox.

So check ’em out. Quality’s not the greatest because they were shooting on the soundstage at Steiner Studios in Brooklyn and there was no flash photography allowed. So be it. Enjoy! (Oh, and I dig that little box with Arabic-looking writing on it. Anytime I see Arabic-looking writing in the Batuniverse, I think of one person … )

The Wayne study fireplace/cave entryway

The Wayne study fireplace/cave entryway


The stairway leading down... down ... down ...

The stairway leading down… down … down …


The doorway from the stairs ...

The doorway from the stairs …


Cave invaders!

Cave invaders!














Magnifying glass! Detective stuff!

Magnifying glass! Detective stuff!




And this one’s reaaally blurry (it was tough to see in some places) … but look! BATLOGO on a wooden apple thing!


By the way, I’m totally not above taking a Batcave Batselfie. Only that it’s not the Batcave … only that it is … or not … or …



Author: Dan Greenfield

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