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The latest issue of TwoMorrows’ Back IssueIssue #116 — has a really nifty article by Dan Johnson and the mag’s editor Michael Eury highlighting the Bronze Age battles between Marvel’s super-heroes and the House of Ideas’ monsters.

I dug the idea so much I was inspired to do a 13 COVERS gallery — what with Halloween less than a week away. Only since I’m such a Spider-phile, I opted to make all of these Spider-Man covers.

So dig these groovy ghoulies — and do yourself a favor and pick up a copy of Back Issue #116 at your local comics shop or directly through TwoMorrows. (Click here.)

(Oh, and click here for an EXCLUSIVE EXCERPT from the issue, about Michael Golden’s Man-Bat. You’ll dig it.)

Far out.

Gil Kane pencils, John Romita inks

Kane and Romita


Kane pencils, Tom Palmer inks

Ron Wilson pencils, Mike Esposito inks

Keith Pollard pencils, Al Milgrom inks

Ed Hannigan pencils, Milgrom inks

Don Perlin pencils, Milgrom inks

Hannigan and Romita

John Byrne pencils, Joe Rubinstein inks

Kane pencils, Vince Colletta inks

Romita pencils. Romita and Tony Mortellaro inks.

Romita. One of the first Spidey comics I ever got.


— 13 COVERS: Celebrating THE MUMMY. Click here.


Cover images and credits from the spooky Grand Comics Database.

Author: Dan Greenfield

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    • I’ve always loved that cover to ASM 124, since I first saw it as a Power Record cover. The speech balloons always make me laugh.

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  1. Not surprising that the number of appearances of Morbius and Man-Wolf predominate this group of covers, since they were originally designed as foes for Spider-Man. And of all the “monster-heroes”, Man-Thing was the one who seemed to mix most easily with the mainline superheroes as a guest-star. What’s more surprising is that after Morbius was spun off into his own series, he didn’t reappear as a co-star with Spidey in Marvel Team-Up.

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