13 COVERS: A JOSE LUIS GARCIA-LOPEZ Birthday Celebration

A trip to Gotham with one of the most popular artists in the biz — who turns 72…

There’s been a lot of Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez news recently, right?

Last weekend, we broke the story that the classic 1977 Superman vs. Wonder Woman treasury edition (All New Collectors’ Edition #C-54) is set to become a hardcover Facsimile Edition this December. (Click here.)

Then we ran the story that DC is planning a Legends of the Dark Knight: Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez hardcover for this November. (Click here.)

We also broke the news earlier in March that 1980’s Batman #321 — with a classic Garcia-Lopez cover — is to be released as a Facsimile Edition. (Click here.)

Anyway, Garcia-Lopez — who was born March 26, 1948 — is turning 72, so it’s time for a 13 COVERS birthday salute. And with those last two projects in mind, it occurred to me that we’ve never done a 13 COVERS gallery spotlighting the fan-fave artist’s Batman output. (Usually, we highlight the famed DC Style Guide on his birthday. Link below.)

So here you go. 13 COVERS starring the Caped Crusader.

Dig it:

Inks by Joe Prado

Kevin Nowlan inks


— 13 COVERS: A JOSE LUIS GARCIA-LOPEZ Birthday Celebration: 2019 Edition — Starring SUPERMAN. Click here.

— 13 Great JOSE LUIS GARCIA-LOPEZ Illustrations: 2018 Edition — Featuring the DC Style Guide. Click here.

Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. Only a year to wait for 13 of his best Wonder Woman covers

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  2. Batman 272 might have been the first solo issue of Batman I bought off a rack. It remains one of my favorite covers to this day. In my 5-year old mind, it served notice just how dangerous The Batman is and the world of crime he fought against. (I managed to get #273 in the same spinner rack on the same day!) I think my previous Batman stories were all Brave and the Bold, with my father buying me a Batman & Sgt. Rock team-up first. I love 272 so much that I went out and found CGC 9.8 copy last year. Love this site – Keep up the great work!!!!!!

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  3. I have all of those originals and they were purchased off the spinner rack. The only ones I don’t have are the reprint titles. Never knew those existed. A great, great talent I hope to meet one day.

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  4. A consummate, extraordinary artist on every level. I rank him alongside Jack Kirby. The sheer excitement of every single one of his images gives me chills every. Single. Time!

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