13 COVERS: A James Bond Celebration

Ian Fleming was born 107 years ago this week (May 28, 1908). I almost never get to write about James Bond here, and I’m not passing up the chance.

You wouldn’t know this from this website, but I am a HUGE James Bond fan — especially the Connery version, though I really like Daniel Craig as well. I’ve read some of the books — I do prefer the films — but comics have been far and few between, all things considered.

Anyway, there have been some great Bond covers over the years — both books and comics — so I figured I’d mark the anniversary of Fleming‘s birth in typical 13th Dimension fashion — a 13 COVERS salute!

I used to collect the paperbacks when I was a kid. I’d get used copies at a stall at the U.S. 1 Flea Market in New Brunswick, N.J. Good times, good times. A few of those covers (not my since-long-gone copies) are included below.

So here’s your license to drool:


Had this

Had this

Have this

Have this



Had this.

Had this.

Want this.

Want this.




Even though it's a photo cover, I'm including this. Because I had this.

Even though it’s a photo cover, I’m including this. Because I had this.



Aaaand for #13, I have to include THIS from the awesome website Super-Team Family … The Lost Issues, which creates covers for the greatest team-ups that never happened. This beauty featuring Jim Aparo art includes Bond art from a pitch to DC that died on the vine. Can you imagine??

Screen Shot 2015-05-29 at 9.25.04 PM


Author: Dan Greenfield

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