13 COVERS: A DAN JURGENS Birthday Celebration

One of comics’ nicest guys turns 61…

I’ve met artist Dan Jurgens — born June 27, 1959 — only once in person. It was as a fan, it was in passing and though it was a pleasant exchange, I’m certain he doesn’t remember. But over the last couple of years, Dan has contributed to 13th Dimension on occasion and I’ve found him to be a gentleman through and through.

So with his birthday upon us, I wanted to post our first-ever 13 COVERS salute to Jurgens, a talented and respected creator who has been a comics mainstay for decades now.

I considered going with 13 COVERS starring Superman, but chose instead to go with Jurgens’ best-known creation, Booster Gold.

So dig these 13 COVERS from Booster’s original 1980s series — and Happy Birthday to Dan!


Jurgens inks

Bob Lewis inks

Mike DeCarlo inks

DeCarlo inks

Bruce Patterson inks

Jerry Ordway inks

Ordway inks

Patterson inks

John Byrne inks

DeCarlo inks

DeCarlo inks

Patterson inks

Ty Templeton inks


— DAN JURGENS Ranks the 13 Greatest ACTION COMICS Covers. Click here.


Cover images and credits from the Grand Comics Database.

Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. I did a speech about the cover to #3 in my high school freshman English class.

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  2. The inking by JB on issue #23 stands out more as a Byrne cover than Jurgens. I wonder how many times I’ve incorrectly thought the lines were by JB but actually he did the inks/

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  3. I’m a big BIG fan of the birthday boy Dan Jurgens, but I could never get into Booster Gold. To me, he had a weird name, weird origin and just a goofy character. I would have rather seen 13 covers of any another character drawn or created by Jurgens. Great artist and great covers though.

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  4. I loved Mike DeCarlo’s inks on Dan Jurgens’ art.

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