13 BLACK MANTA COVERS: Because It’s HOT and It’s Summer

Including a new FILMATION FILES podcast…

It’s hot. Really hot. If I’d known it was going to be this hot, I wouldn’t have come here.

When it’s this hot, I think of Aquaman. When it’s this hot, I think of Black Manta too, one of the coolest villains ever.

Well, if you’re going to the beach, pool, backyard, front stoop or staying in that sweet, sweet air conditioning, we’ve got 13 BLACK MANTA COVERS for ya!

But, wait there’s more! We also have a new FILMATION FILES installment of The World’s Greatest Super Friends Podcast with John S. Drew, featuring… yes, you guessed it: Black Manta! Click here to check it out. It’s fun!

And also? Our most recent regular episode focused on Manta’s first Super Friends episode, where he was inexplicably beige instead of black. Click here to check that out!

See, we provide plenty of seaside entertainment for you loyal readers!

(And if you want to see how the other half lives, check out 13 COVERS: The SUB-MARINER IN HIS GROOVY ’70s THREADS.)

Let’s dive in, shall we?

Nick Cardy

Jim Aparo

Joshua Middleton

Ivan Reis pencils, Joe Prado inks

Valentine De Landro

Patrick Gleason pencils, Christian Alamy inks


Reis and Prado


De Landro

Paul Pelletier pencils, Sean Parsons inks

Kevin Maguire pencils, Bob Dvorak inks

Steve Rude


— 13 COVERS: The SUB-MARINER in His Groovy ’70s Threads. Click here.


Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. I’d bet cash money that Nick Cardy cover (A 42) is why he was beige in that cartoon.

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  2. Aparo’s Aquaman was always my favorite version.

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    • @Buck Aparo anything is my favorite version.

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