EXCLUSIVE: ARCHIE Launching New Classic Digest Series

FIRST LOOK: Archie and Me Comics Digest #1 kicks off in October — with a mix of new and retro…

Sometimes lost amid the hoopla of Archie Comics’ modern revamp of the last couple of years — not to mention the subversive nighttime soap Riverdale — is that the company still produces new material, including by modern master Dan Parent.

Case in point, the new Archie and Me Comics Digest, which kicks off in October, replacing Jughead and Archie Comics Double Digest, which will end in August with Issue #27.

The digests typically feature a new story backed by a series of reprints for about $5-$7. Since only the most die-hard of Archie fans have collected the older material, the digests are a seamless way to enjoy the retro stylings of Archie, Betty, Veronica and the rest of the gang at Pop’s.

Here’s the official solicitation info for Archie and Me Comics Digest #1:

BRAND NEW DIGEST SERIES! In “Sick Day,” everyone’s caught the flu that’s been going around, except for Jughead. He decides to help out the Andrews family—but his unconventional methods don’t go over too well!  

Script: Dan Parent
Art: Dan Parent
Cover: Pat and Tim Kennedy, Bob Smith, Rosario “Tito” Peña
On Sale Date: 10/18
128-page, full color comic
$6.99 U.S.

But that’s not all! We also have for you an EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW of Jughead and Archie #26, due 7/12. Check out this SNEAK PEEK at the issues’s new story written by Dan Parent, with art by Pat and Tim Kennedy, as well as a glimpse at one of the reprint jobs:

Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. Frankly the less Jellybean the better.

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  2. The title implied that the idea of an Archie Digest reprinting classic stories was new. All it meant was that ine’s getting cancelled and replaced by a different title.
    I may be in the minority but I never could warm up to Dan Parent’s art. I know he adheres to the “classic” house style, but as a LONG time Archie fan (and a fan of the Archie artists’ work with Stan Lee in the 50s), I can distinguish art styles (between Decarlo, Goldberg, Vigoda, Hartley and ESPECIALLY Harry Lucey). Parent’s profiles and faces just don’t do it for me. When he became the house style (and main artist) right before the reboot, I just stopped reading the books. I do love both the classic stuff (mainly late 50s to early 90s; also a bit lukewarm of Rudy Lapick’s later inking; he was stellar back in the day, though) as well as the reboot Archie title. (Jughead and Josie I gave a long sample to but lost interest.)

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