When the JUSTICE LEAGUE Was Brave, Bold — and Brand New

An INSIDE LOOK at The Brave and the Bold #28 Facsimile Edition — with cameos by Mickey Mantle and Charles Atlas!

Pop quiz, hotshot: Who was the first superhero shown in the first Justice League of America story in The Brave and the Bold #28? The answer may surprise you — and we’ll show you below.

Meantime, it’s worth noting that the Justice League has had dozens of line-ups over the last 60-plus years but on March 18, you’ll get a chance to take a thrill ride with the original Magnificent Seven with DC’s The Brave and the Bold #28 Facsimile Edition.

Naturally, the League’s first appearance is one of the major landmarks in comics history and it’s a real kick to be able to buy a replica of B&B #28 — ads, bonus features and whatnot — for a penny shy of four bucks.

So dig this INSIDE LOOK, with story pages, a couple of nifty ads featuring some of mid-century America’s biggest stars, a swell Superboy PSA — and a current events lesson about faster-than-light space travel!

The answer is Aquaman!

A few thoughts:

— Want to know what hardcore comics fans first thought of the JLA? Click here.

— The story was written by Gardner Fox, pencilled by Mike Sekowsky and inked by Bernard Sachs, Joe Giella and Murphy Anderson. The cover was by Sekowsky and Anderson.

— As with most Facsimile Editions, you’ve probably read this story before. But like this week’s Detective Comics #38 (click here), I don’t believe the issue has ever been reprinted in full before now. Neat!

— Why now, anyway? Well, the issue came out at the end of 1959 but the official publication date is February-March 1960, with March on the cover. That’s 60 years ago this month, kids. Also, DC will be publishing a hardcover collection celebrating six decades of the League in April.

Standard Price Comparison: A high-grade, unslabbed copy of the original recently sold on eBay for $3,850 — well out of the price range of most collectors. The Facsimile Edition? $3.99.


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Author: Dan Greenfield

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