These SUPERMAN Comics Need to Be Published RIGHT NOW

A Man of Steel for the young, old — and in between…

Earlier this week, we showed off a run of unofficial Batman and Robin comic strips by writer/artist Jacob Edgar that hit the sweet spot for longtime (sometimes frustrated) fans of the Darknight Detective.

The response, shall we say, was very strong — and you can click here to check them out. (Seriously, they’ll make your day.)

And as I noted then, Edgar has also produced strips for the Caped Crusader’s World’s Finest partner — so, as promised, here they are:

Yep, the Man of Steel is a real softie.

Just as the Batman strips share DNA with the Bronze Age, Batman ’66, Batman: Year One, Batman ’89, Batman: The Animated Series and Gotham Central, I detect notes of the Silver Age, Superman: The Movie and Superman: The Animated Series here, which naturally is a great combo.

Edgar began these as warm-ups — his paying gigs include work at Dynamite — but he’s been posting them on Twitter as comics artists typically do. (Go follow him.)

What’s great is that he understands what’s at the core of Batman and Superman — what makes them both heroes, what makes them different, what’s made them endure for decades — and wraps them in a huge heart.

Just dig this one-panel gag:


So here’s one more sketch for good measure — with a little hope that one of these days, Jacob Edgar will get a bona fide shot at these guys.


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Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. Makes me realize how long it’s been since I read a Sunday Comic section of the local paper.

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    • Makes me realize how long its been since I read a good Batman or Superman story.

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  2. I enjoyed reading these strips. Jacob Edgar really does need to do some official work for DC.

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  3. truthfully , while I like this (and the Batman)…they would do 15k a month …this is just the type of product not selling ……Batman (the title) is selling 250K an issue right now ….DC is not going to fix what is not broken

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