THE TERRIBLE TRIO: Inside the Wackiest Filmation SUPERBOY Cartoon of Them All

THE FILMATION FILES: Going deep on one of the strangest superhero stories from the studio’s catalogue…

Finding Filmation’s The Adventures of Superboy cartoons is not a particularly simple task: Except for a relatively brief period on the short-lived DC Universe streaming app — and a Super Powers-branded VHS tape in the ’80s that included only a few selections — the cartoons have never been regularly available, physically or digitally.

But if you dig through the web a bit you can find a number of episodes, though the quality isn’t particularly great. The hunt, however, is worth it because the Superboy cartoons are some of the most gleefully entertaining installments in the Filmation DC superhero oeuvre.

The wackiest? 1967’s The Terrible Trio by DC scribe Leo Dorfman. No, we’re not talking about Batman’s Terrible Trio. We’re talking three Smallville bullies who get their comeuppance thanks to the Boy of Steel’s especially harsh — and pretty much illegal — treatment of them.

All I have to say is that the highlight involves a planet of rampaging vegetable people. Actually, I have a lot more to say about it — and so does John S. Drew — on our latest Filmation Files episode of The World’s Greatest Super Friends Podcast.

Click here for a listen. You’ll dig it, I promise. And then you’ll start jonesing for a big, alarmingly aggressive salad.


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Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. Wish this came out on DVD like Supes and Aquaman..

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  2. I’ve seen a few of the 1960s “Superboy” cartoons in the ’90s, and I actually found myself liking them.

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  3. I have been waiting for this and the Shazam cartoons to come out on DVD for years. What is the holdup, DC?

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    • DCUNIVERSEHYPERTIME in youtube has posted all the shazam cartoon episodes, all of the twelve episodes in high quality, the only available dvd copy of it is sold in brasil

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        • Its not as easy as it seems, im DCUNIVERSEHYPERTIME

          I spent 4 years looking for it, in which i tried to purchase it of mercado libre, which is a shitty version of ebay, and you would need an ID from brasil, i even tried contacting sellers, and i would have a hard time with them none wanting to cooperate, fut finally somebody uploaded a full dvd rip, it was originally like 100 GB, i tried my luck and it was the original one. I have a smaller version of the dvd rips, if your interested we can talk more about it

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