The BATMOBILE’s Coming!

Watch out, citizens … the 1966 Batmobile is coming to our show, the NEW YORK COMIC FEST on June 14! Come check it out! Here are the details:



My love affair with the 1966 Batmobile is renown. Or if not renown, certainly known by those who know me and those who read 13th Dimension.

So when we started putting together the New York Comic Fest, I knew in my heart of hearts that I wanted the Batmobile there — especially since we’re having a big Batman 75th Anniversary celebration, featuring trivia and cosplay contests and a special panel.

And there it shall be! And you know what’s cool? The Westchester County Center is only a little more than 14 miles to Gotham! For reals!

This is the version built by Jeff Breden. For more about his Batmobile and how he built it, check out our story here. And as a bonus, this is my tale of the GREATEST RIDE OF MY LIFE!!

But, wait, there’s more! What’s cool about this Batmobile is how many awesome supercelebs have been in it!

Just some of them: Adam West! Burt Ward! Julie Newmar! Lee Meriwether! Norman Reedus! Barbara Eden! Marky Ramone! Neal Adams! John “Jonathan Kent” Schneider! Lou “the Hulk” Ferrigno! Thomas “the Punisher” Jane! John “the other Riddler” Astin! Dina “the other Barbara Gordon” Meyer! Linda Hamilton! Christopher Knight! Me and Peter Brady — in the same Batmobile!

Check out the Bat-gallery below — and come to the show to see it for yourself on June 14! TICKETS HERE!

Adam West

Adam West!

Burt Ward

Burt Ward!

Julie Newmar and friend -- with Jeff!

Julie Newmar and friend — with Jeff!

Lee Meriwether!

Lee Meriwether!

The other Barbara Gordon!

The other Barbara Gordon!

Jeff with the other Riddler!

Jeff with the other Riddler!

No, Hulk, don't smash!

No, Hulk, don’t smash!

Pork chops and apple sauce! Roger, ready to move out!

Pork chops and apple sauce! Roger, ready to move out!

To get in touch with Jeff: Also, check out GOTHAM CITY SUPER CARS!

Author: Dan Greenfield

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