The Fight of the Century on your tabletop.

Well, this looks cool.

A few weeks ahead of Toy Fair, WizKids has announced a special Superman vs. Muhammad Ali HeroClix 2-pack, complete with boxing ring, based on the Neal Adams-illustrated classic comic¬†published by DC in the ’70s.

If you’re not familiar,¬†HeroClix is a table-top game featuring an enormous array of collectible miniature figures. I don’t play the game myself but I do have a lot of the figs in my collection, because they’re pretty dang cool. (Click here.)

The set will be a HeroClix convention exclusive available starting in the spring. Click here for more info on how to get it.

We’ll have more on this down the line but check out these pix:

Oh, and there’s more Superman vs. Muhammad Ali to come: WizKids’ sister company NECA will be releasing a set of full-size action figures in stores soon:

Author: Dan Greenfield

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