SPIDER-MAN TREASURY #1: Dig the Slick Beauty of JOHN ROMITA’s Original Cover Art

So very clean…

I’ve said before that 1974’s Marvel Treasury Edition #1: The Spectacular Spider-Man juuuuuuust might be my favorite Spidey cover ever.

Just look at the pretty by John Romita:

Anyway, for whatever reason, this cover popped into my head the other day, so I decided to track down the original cover art, which I found (of course) at Heritage Auctions’ website.

Dig this:

Here’s what the Heritage Auctions site says about the piece: “With an image area measuring 11″ x 17″, this large-sized masterwork will certainly be the prized showpiece of any collection. The original illustration, drawn on a sheet of vellum, was affixed to another board. The logo and type are replacements; otherwise, the art is in Excellent condition. Signed by John Romita Sr. A signed hand-written 2009 Letter of Authenticity from John Romita Sr. is also included with this fabulous lot.”

It sold back in 2013 for $44,812.50, including buyer’s premium.

What I love about the original is just how damn clean it is. It’s as if Romita rolled out of bed, drew it perfectly, and then took a nap.

Seriously, this looks effortless. Of course it never is but damn Romita is one of the all-time greats.

But you knew that.


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Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. It’s so clean…. no blue lines or margin comments. It’s a shame they added new logo etc. I’d prefer it un-touched by time. I remember wanting this comic something horrible back in the day.

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  2. While it is a beautiful piece, the original art shown appears to be a re-creation. None of the fine details like the webbing or hatching lines are quite right between the two.

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    • Always possible, I suppose. And it did occur to me. But the Heritage site insists otherwise.

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    • They’re both a joy, but I prefer the cover as printed. It underpins a perfect little memory bubble for me.

      It does appear that the shading is noticeably different in some places, but dutifully similar in others – perhaps workmanlikely so. The right bicep seems to me to be the makeweight in my personal assessment.

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  3. Also, the figure in the second is smaller and Romita’s signature is in a different place. But it’s still pretty cool, and obviously it was done by “Jazzy Johnny,” too..

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  4. Maybe that Romitaman Mike Burkley has the original?

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