SEAN CONNERY: He Was the Greatest JAMES BOND of Them All

The man who absolutely embodied 007 has died at the age of 90…

Sean Connery, the first actor to play James Bond on the big screen, has died at the age of 90.

He was the greatest 007 of them all.

They usually tell you that your first Bond is your favorite and my first was Roger Moore in The Man With the Golden Gun, which my Dad took me to see in the theaters in 1974 when I was 7. I love Moore as 007 and even though it has plenty of detractors, that flick remains one of my all-time favorites.

But then I started catching Sean Connery’s Bond when ABC ran his movies in prime time. They were practically events in and of themselves: Dr. No. From Russia With Love. Goldfinger. Thunderball. You Only Live Twice. Spectacular adventures all. (The less said about Diamonds Are Forever, the better.)

So once I had a chance to digest them, it became clear to me that even though I loved Moore, Sean Connery was James Bond. He was that rare case of an actor so perfectly embodying a role that all who would follow would be measured against his gold standard. Only Christopher Reeve as Superman and Chris Evans as Captain America are in that same conversation — and I’ll throw in William Shatner as Captain Kirk for good measure.

But here’s what sets Connery apart: Nobody — and I mean nobody — was cooler on screen. In any role. He conveyed a staggering mix of ruggedness, sex appeal, charisma and intelligence. He moved like a panther. He was uncompromising. He was dangerous — and that’s exactly what you want in your 007.

Daniel Craig is the closest anyone’s come to giving off the Connery vibe — but that’s exactly what it is: the Connery vibe.

Except for the forgettable and weird detour Never Say Never Again, the actor stopped playing James Bond 50 years ago. There have been many 007s since.

But there was — and always will be — only one Sean Connery.


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Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. Best Bond ever! Just started rewatching the movies after reading the entire series. Wish they gave him a cameo in one of the films… Maybe as M

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  2. Sean Connery really changed the shape of heroes- previously it was Victor Mature, George Reeves bulky types.

    He was hard in real life as well

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  3. Definitely the best Bond ever! Like you, i grew up with and started with Moore as Bond. And my dad also loved the 007 films. Whenever it was on tv – it was a movie our household watched – every time.

    Sean Connery definitely was and always will be Bond. James Bond.

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  4. You Only Live Twice,…my favorite Bond. And I liked Diamonds Are Forever. It’s got crazy Crispin Glover’s dad in it.

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  5. I love Connery’s Bond movies. He’s actually not my favorite Bond (Timothy Dalton is), but he set the standard, and that standard has rarely been touched since he played 007.

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  6. As dull as Diamonds Are Forever is as a movie, it’s a guilty pleasure of mine because of Jill St. John!

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