A two-part review of the latest Figures Toy Company Mego-style wave! First, it’s The Lovers: The Man of Steel and the Amazon Princess!

They're dating now, y'know.

They’re dating now, y’know.



As Li’l Dan, I only had a handful of non-Batman Megos but Superman was one of them. He had to be one of them, right?

The Man of Steel, the Big Red S, the whole thing. You gotta have Superman, amirite?

I especially liked having Mego Superman around at the end of 1978 and into the early ’80s when the first two Christopher Reeve movies came out. I never had the larger-scale Megos, so 8-inch Superman was my guy.

Well, Figures Toy Company does him justice (as it were), in the manufacturer’s new wave of Mego replicas.

Other than the Teen Titans, Superman (along with Wonder Woman, below) represents the vanguard of FTC’s non-Batman releases. A full Superman Wave 1 is planned for later this year, with Mr. Mxyzptlk, Supergirl — and the first-ever Mego-style Bizarro.


The Superman out now is billed as an Early Bird First Release. His packaging is different than the more Mego-accurate style FTC’s been going with. Rather than the original full, bright yellow, for example, you get a bright blue, cloudy sky backdrop featuring a subtle Superman shield outline. Pretty cool and I’m guessing we’ll get that canary yellow when the real wave hits.



Mego packaging, H/T

The figure himself? Really nice. Interestingly, though, he’s not quite the accurate replica, say, Wave 1 Batman is. His outfit is a darker blue, his cape hangs looser about the neck and his boots are a lot brighter and shinier. The face is close but a little bolder. (I do like the continued use of the printed-on logo instead of the old sticker. Really terrific. And, like Batman, you get an extra juuuuuust in case.)

Basically, it’s a somewhat spiffed-up version of the original, and that’s just fine. He’s Mego Superman and he’s welcome in my proverbial Hall of Justice.

Early Bird Superman arrives with Wonder Woman, a “Super-Gal” — Mego’s very ’70s label for its Batgirl, Catwoman, Supergirl and WW line — that I never got the first time around.

So this is really my first up-close look at her, in hand.

Boy, she’s strange.


No Golden Lasso, her star-spangled and eagle-crested bustier-and-shorty-shorts set is painted on a fleshtone bodysuit — as are her bracelets and boots. But then she has red boots on top of her painted-on boots, as some versions of Mego Wonder Woman did. Her golden tiara looks less regal and more wakkachikka, wakkachikka, wakkachikka ’70s Disco.

Great Hera! What a fashion disaster! And it’s not like she can hide in her Invisible Plane.

But Goddesses bless Figures Toy Company for leaving perfect imperfection alone.

This glorious reproduction of Amazonian Megodom is a titantic tribute to its time.

You’re a wonder, Wonder Woman!

Superman thinks so, too! Saaamoooooch!

Superman thinks so, too! Saaamoooooch! And hey, right in front of a picture of Lois! Uncool, dude.

In all likelihood, though, this lovey-dovey stuff is gonna end just like this:


Check out where her left knee is headed! Supes, you’re in truuuu-bulllllll.

Next up? The Fighters: Boxing Batman and Riddler!

Author: Dan Greenfield

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