NOW IN COLOR: These BATMAN Comics Need to Be Published RIGHT NOW

A full-color synthesis of why the Dynamic Duo endures…

In September, we showed off a run of unofficial, black-and-white Batman strips by artist Jacob Edgar — a brilliant mix of the Bronze Age, Batman ’66, Batman: Year One, Batman ’89, Batman: The Animated Series and Gotham Central. Pretty close to the very best of Batman, y’know?

The initial response was great and you should click here to check them out because they’re awesome. (He did a couple of excellent Superman strips, as well.)

But the strips also inspired artist Jason Hammons to put them in living color and we’ve got the full run of them below. I especially dig the newsprint quality he gave them.

“I love how they turned out!” Jacob said. “It’s great to see all of them come to life in color and Jason did an awesome job. I hope they catch the attention of the right people and Jason gets some work out it.”

Added Jason: “I saw Jacob’s strips on Twitter somewhere, and instantly fell in love with his art. He’s got such a clean line with such effective contrast, even in black and white, and the expressiveness of his characters jumped off the screen. Any time I see uncolored line work that good, I feel compelled to see what I can do with it.”

Though they don’t know each other personally, Jacob and Jason make for one helluva Dynamic Duo.



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Author: Dan Greenfield

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