New BATMAN VS. RA’S AL GHUL by NEAL ADAMS Coming in August

EXCLUSIVE: The comics legend returns to his best…

I could go on and on about this — and I will soon enough. But I’m just gonna get right to this one:

Neal Adams — who over the last decade has produced new Batman, Superman and Deadman series — has a new miniseries coming this August from DC: Batman vs. Ra’s al Ghul.

Not only that, in tandem with the series, DC will be publishing a facsimile edition of the classic Batman #232, which introduced Ra’s to the world and just happens to be one of the greatest comics ever. (Click here for much more on that.)

Here’s the gist — directly from the publisher:

Ra’s al Ghul, leader of the League of Assassins, grandfather of Bruce Wayne’s son and the only person in the world capable of going sword-to-sword with Batman, returns this August during DC’s Year of the Villain in a new six-issue mini-series, BATMAN VS. RA’S AL GHUL, written and drawn by Ra’s al Ghul’s co-creator himself, legendary artist Neal Adams.

Neal Adams has produced some of the most memorable DC comics ever, but none more memorable and known worldwide than 1971’s BATMAN #243 and #244, in which Ra’s al Ghul co-creators Denny O’Neil and Neal Adams built to one of the most iconic images in the history of the Dark Knight, a swashbuckling Batman fighting for his life in the desert!

Kicking off BATMAN VS RA’S AL GHUL in August, Adams shows a Gotham City under siege by terrorists, with Batman determined to find the source. But when Boston Brand, aka Deadman, tries to intervene, he discovers an even more disturbing and deadly truth: the terrorists are led by an inhuman monster! Ra’s al Ghul volunteers his own private security force to aid the GCPD, and now they are the saviors standing between nuclear terror and the townspeople!

But al Ghul’s true goal is hidden from everyone’s eyes. He will destroy the city and kill Batman—this time for good. Watching in horror is…Bruce Wayne?

Batman vs. Ra’s al Ghul #1 is due Aug. 21 and will run $3.99.

Lots more to come on this soon enough. Meanwhile, it’s worth noting that Adams’ work on Batman was all over our 80th Anniversary TOP 13 BATMAN COUNTDOWN (click here) and its companion ULTIMATE BATMAN READING AND VIEWING GUIDE (click here).


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Author: Dan Greenfield

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    • I’m excited too but with some reservations. I’ve yet to complete any of the other series that Adams did. The BATMAN to the center of the earth story just got so confusing. I’m also not a fan of the look now with the eyes showing or the redundant bat symbols (eg belt). But, there is something about a classic creator being commissioned to create. I wish more artists/writers would get that opportunity. I’d love some new Byrne as one example.

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  1. Hey Dan – Neal is my all-time fave as well. I discovered his work for the first time in Brave and Bold and was astounded as a young kid how impactful the artwork was to me. I can still remember hunting down every issue of Neal’s run on Batman. Batman #244 is still my favorite comic of all time.

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